The Best Bamboo Sheets Reviews Guide 2017

The best bamboo sheets usually aren’t the first things that come to mind when deciding on a new set of bed sheets. What many people don’t realize is that hundreds of household objects can be made of bamboo, including extremely soft and comfortable bamboo sheets. This bamboo sheets reviews guide was compiled to help define what makes a great set of sheets.

The best bamboo sheets are extremely durable, yet very soft to the touch. They take the term “like sleeping on a cloud” to a whole new level.

The following list of bamboo sheets reviews has been compiled over the last six months. My wife and I tested all of these sheets for no less than 14 days – making sure to wash them at least 3 times to ensure their durability. Picking a clear winner wasn’t a very easy task as all the sheets listed here are top quality – we did not include any low-quality bamboo sheets in this review guide.

One thing is for sure – we will never buy a set of bed sheets made of another fabric every again.

Best Bamboo Sheets Review Guide

I struggled with sleep issues for nearly two years. I suffered from a mix of tossing and turning due to night sweats and severe allergic reactions when trying to sleep at night. A friend of mine suggested I change out all of my bed sheets, pillows and mattress to bamboo based products. I searched the internet over and over and couldn't decide which products to buy. Luckily I stumbled on and their Best Bamboo Sheets Review Guide helped me pick the perfect sheets for me.

Today I'm sleeping allergy free and feel cool every night.  Thank you - I'm sending all of my friends to you.

Erin Lopez 
Arlington, VA

Top 10 Best Bamboo Sheets Reviews

What Makes the Best Bamboo Sheets So Great?

Bamboo sheets offer a good number of advantages over more traditional and well known fabrics:

You’ll Sleep Better at Night

Bamboo sheets are the most comfortable Bamboo Sheet Reviewsbed sheets we have every used. We refuseto ever buy another type of sheet ever again!

The first thing people notice about a set of bamboo sheets is how silky soft they are. And what makes it even better is how they retain the same level of softness even after being washed, dried, folded and stored – for many years.

A good set of sheets will never feel rough, coarse or abrasive. Instead you can look forward to a soft, silky bed every night of the week.

Organic Bamboo Sheets – They’re Organic!

All of the bamboo sheets we’ve reviewed here are certified organic. All these linens come from natural organic sources. Additionally, bamboo is one of the rare fully sustainable resources that can be used as a fabric. Farmers simply chop the top portion of the bamboo plant off, leaving the roots completely intact. This allows the bamboo plant to quickly regrow and can be harvested multiple times in a single year.

Say Good Bye to Allergies

Products made from bamboo are excellent for people who suffer from allergies. Traditional bed sheets are known to attract and retain dust mites, pollen and many other allergens.

Bed sheets made from bamboo on the other hand do the opposite and actually repel such allergens and dust. Many people who suffer from allergies only found relief from sneezing, runny noses, itchy eyes and other symptoms after changing their bed linens to bamboo based products.

Lastly – you owe it to your kids. Don’t let them grow up in a dirty bed filled with dust and allergens – it could have some really negative long term effects on their health.

They Offer the Ideal Sleeping Temperatures

The best bamboo sheets have superior “moisture wicking” properties – which help both in warm and cold climates. These sheets are better at drawing moisture away from the body than other more traditional fabrics. This helps keep you cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Some materials that are notoriously bad for maintaining a comfortable body temperature at night include silk and polyester. Please avoid these fabrics if you ever experience night sweats or night chills.


Multiple studies have shown that bamboo bed sheets are the most germ resistant sheets available on the market. This is especially beneficial for families with young children who tend to get sick often. You’ll also find yourself doing fewer loads of laundry because bamboo sheets don’t need to be washed as often.

They Don’t Need to Be Cleaned as Often

As was mentioned in the anti-bacterial blurb, bamboo sheets simply don’t need to be cleaned as often as other linens. The biggest advantage is that they don’t stain from oily skin, make-up or sweat.

They’re Safe for Your Family

Bamboo is grown naturally with no pesticides, growth hormones or any other toxins. You can rest assured that your family won’t be exposed to any dangerous chemicals. The same cannot be said for other popular fabric products such as cotton, wool, silk or polyester.

The best bamboo sheets will be chemical free ones and 100% bamboo. Use our bamboo sheet reviews below to help you determine which are best for you and for your family.

Stylish and Beautiful

This last benefit is a bit more superficial than the others – but important none-the-less. Bamboo sheets are truly beautiful and will give your bedroom that “designed by a professional” look instantly.

Bamboo Bed Sheets Care Guide

Organic Bamboo SheetsAlthough more durable than most other fabrics, proper care should still be taken of your bamboo bed sheets. The better care you take care of the sheets, the longer they will last. Proper washing and maintenance is essential to your new bed sheets retaining their original elasticity and softness.

Use the following guide to help make sure you’re keeping proper care of your bed sheets:

New Sheets Need Special Treatment

When you first buy a new set of bamboo sheets you must check to see if they are pre-shrunk or not. If not you should wash them in hot water (only once – after this first wash you will only use cold water. Read below.) and immediately set them up on your bed after drying.

Keep Your Colors Separated

This is the first rule of laundry – only wash with like colors. Making sure all your fabrics are the same color will help prevent staining and color bleeding. Don’t ever mix your whites with your colored fabrics.

Keep it Soft!

Just like you shouldn’t mix your colors also make sure you’re not mixing ultra soft fabrics with rough ones. Those rough fabrics can damage y our sheets and even cause them to start feeling rough and course.

Use Cold Water

Bamboo sheets clean best when washed in cold water. Using hot water to wash your sheets can cause a slow deterioration of the fabric. This deterioration can result in holes and fraying.

Softeners are Not Necessary

The best bamboo bed sheets are already incredibly soft. Adding liquid softener to your wash won’t change much – you’ll just be wasting money. Remember – you already paid a premium for bamboo sheet’s softness – there is no use in paying more for nothing.

Be Gentle When Drying

Ideally bamboo bed sheets should be hung out to dry in the sun. Using a clothes line is the most natural and sustainable way to dry any cloth.  Additionally, drying on a clothes line reduces the strain put on your fabrics that occur during a drying cycle.

If a clothes line is not an option then be sure to dry your sheets on the coolest and slowest tumble setting in your dryer. Also, be sure to avoid dryer sheets – they do little to help your sheets dry and will cause unnecessary wear and tear.

Skip the Bleach

Yes – we all love how our white linens looks after a good bleaching – but don’t do it to your new luxury sheets. Although bleach does a fantastic job in killing stains it is also extremely harsh on whatever fabric it is used on. Stick with regular detergent instead of dousing your sheets with bleach.

When Removing Stains, Keep it Natural

Stains can be pre-treated using natural cleaners such as hydrogen peroxide. These natural cleaners contain no harsh chemicals and will not cause the same strain on the fabrics as bleach would. The following natural stain removers work great for bamboo sheets:

  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • White Vinegar & Water
  • Castile Soap Mixed with Baking Soda & Borax

These can also all be used as a laundry detergent supplement or replacement.

100% Bamboo or Alternatives?

The best quality bamboo sheets are made from 100% natural organic bamboo. Some manufacturers offer hybrid bamboo sheets that usually sell for a lower price. There is no real reason to buy these hybrid sheets – you’re basically buying a sheet of the same quality as regular cotton but still paying the premium.

Stick with either 100% bamboo sheets or cotton sheets – don’t try to blend them together. Be sure to always check the label before you buy your new sheets – look for 100% bamboo!

About Our Bamboo Sheets Review

The following bamboo bed sheet reviews were compiled by us over the course of 6 months. Each set of sheets were tested for a minimum of 2 weeks and washed at least two times.

We tried different colors but ordered only queen bamboo sheets because we only have a queen sized bed. All of the products reviewed here also come in the following sizes:

  • bamboo sheets queen
  • bamboo sheets king
  • bamboo sheets California king

Many of the products come in other sizes also.  Please be sure to check each bamboo sheets Amazon listing before buying.

Thank you and enjoy the reviews!

Resort Bamboo Sheets by Cariloha - The Best Bamboo Sheets

Price Rating

Quality Rating

Overall Rating

The Resort Bamboo line by Cariloha bamboo sheets were our favorite sheets we reviewed - and we're still using them on our bed today!

Cariloha is the best bamboo sheet sets manufacturer and this is their high end resort line. They truly feel like those amazing sheets you only find at high end luxury hotels and resorts. Looking to spoil yourself?  These are perfect for you!

This set of sheets features ultra deep pockets that can accommodate mattress up to 18 inches thick. The color quality is also very good - deep rich colors and brilliant whites.

Cariloha Resort Bamboo Sheets

These are also the most expensive bamboo fiber sheets that we reviewed - but they are worth every penny. They are extremely durable and will outlast just about any other set of sheets. You'll also appreciate the quality the minute you slip under these wonderful covers every night. We have never slept in a better set of sheets.  Ever.

Eight different color options are offered in 3 different sizes offer a nice selection to match with your current decor. We recommend pairing the sheets off with a contrasting colored bamboo duvet cover for maximum effect.


  • Extremely soft and silky
  • Rich colors, brilliant whites
  • Complete set – no need to purchase pillow cases separately
  • Extremely durable


  • On the expensive side

Classic Bamboo Sheets by Cariloha

Price Rating

Quality Rating

Overall Rating

The "classic" version of our favorite sheets they were a close second place in our reviews. The classic line by Cariloha bamboo sheets weren't quite as "luxurious" as the resort style - that being said they are still a great set of sheets that we highly recommend!

These sheets were never treated with any chemicals, this is ideal for anyone with skin sensitivities and irritations. The manufacturer also offers a lifetime quality guarantee.

They are priced almost $100 less than the "resort style" (our favorite) sheets. These sheets are excellent for those who are looking for the best quality materials but don't want to spend close to $300.

Cariloha Classic Bamboo Sheets

We have one guest bedroom and we loved these so much that we made sure we kept them on the bed for our guests to enjoy. Our time in these sheets was some of the best sleep either one of us has ever had.

These sheets are only offered in five different colors but they are a nice mix of brilliant whites and bold colors. For best contrast we recommend the bright white sheets with a dark Bahama blue comforter duvet cover.


  • Lifetime quality guarantee
  • 14 colors and 4 different sizes
  • Complete set – no need to purchase pillow cases separately
  • Wrinkle resistant sheets for immediate use after drying


  • A bit on the expensive side

Bamboo Tranquility - Supreme Quality Bamboo Sheets

Price Rating

Quality Rating

Overall Rating

Bamboo Tranquility is proud to boast 100% organic bamboo sheets. They are so confident that you'll love them that they even offer a full refund if you're not happy with the sheets.

We really loved our two weeks with these sheets. They are very beautiful sheets - they felt much more substantial than many of the other sets we reviewed but didn't actually act like heavier sheets. They kept us cool and stayed soft even after 4 washes.

Bamboo Tranquility Sheets

One thing we noticed is that it was difficult to get that "crispy" and "taught" feeling from these sheets - like you do in a hotel. We chalked it up to their higher than normal density. We really didn't mind since it requires expert level bed making to get that feeling anyway.

It is very unfortunate that there isn't much of a color selection - only three to be exact. The being said, we ordered the "grey" sheets and they were absolutely stunning in person.


  • Money back guarantee
  • Extremely airy and cool
  • Beautiful colors (although limited)
  • Sheets feel very heavy, high quality


  • Only three colors to choose from

ABRIPEDIC 600 Thread Count Bamboo Sheets

Price Rating

Quality Rating

Overall Rating

ABRIPEDIC made what we considered to be the most silk-like sheets out of all the sheets we tested. They truly felt like pure silk - right from the package.

We also enjoyed the thickness of these sheets - definitely on the thicker side compared to other sheets - which was nice considering how soft they were. We were also afraid that after several washes they would begin to pill. Luckily after 4 washes there is no sign of any pilling what-so-ever.

It is also worth pointing out that these sheets can usually be found for less than $100 for a queen set - that is a real bargain! 

ABRIPEDIC Bamboo Sheets

We wish they had more colors available as none of them really match our bedroom decor. It's not really a matter of a lack of colors rather than the fact that they are all pastel based. Would like to see some deep, bold blues and grays.

Available in seven different pastel colors, the ABRIPEDIC Bamboo Sheets will go nicely in any room with other pastels and warm colors. Two sizes of pillow cases are also available so be sure you're ordering the ones that will best fit your pillows.


  • Inexpensive – less than $50 for the set
  • 14 colors and 4 different sizes
  • Complete set – no need to purchase pillow cases separately
  • Wrinkle resistant sheets for immediate use after drying


  • All colors seem to be pastel based

Egyptian Bedding 1,200 Thread Count Luxury Bamboo Sheets

Price Rating

Quality Rating

Overall Rating

Egyptian Bedding is one of the few bamboo sheet manufacturers that brag about their thread count - something that normally doesn't make a big difference with bamboo sheets. However that impressive thread count really made for a unique set of sheets.

These were by far the heaviest sheets we reviewed - which is great for wrapping yourself up in. It is not great, however, for keeping cool. They were the warmest sheets we tried too - not as warm as cotton but not as cool as we have come accustomed to - this is important to keep in mind when buying.

Egyptian Bedding 1,200 Thread Count

There was only one real disappointment with the Egyptian Bedding bamboo sheets, which was the elastic band on the fitted sheet. The band was very weak and did not do a very good job at keeping the sheets in place.  Multiple nights a corner of the sheet would come off and have to be wrapped back around again. We believe this is partially due to how heavy the sheets are.

Eight different colors are offered on Amazon and they all look terrific. The color we ordered, Gold, actually had a shimmer to it which was beautiful - we highly recommend the gold or brown if you're looking for metallic style of finish.


  • Hard to find – 1,200 thread count
  • Great, easy to follow care instructions
  • Extremely dense and heavy weight


  • Weak elastic band on fitted sheet

eLuxury Supply 4-Piece Bamboo Sheet Sets - Ultra Soft

Price Rating

Quality Rating

Overall Rating

When testing the eLuxury Supply bamboo sheets we instantly noticed how incredibly soft and breathable they are. They offer great value considering their moderate price.

A small number of buyers have said they experienced some "pilling" after a couple of washes. We washed the sheets four times over 4 weeks and experienced no pilling at all. The manufacturer also offers a 30-day money back guarantee - so if you do experience any pilling it is easy to make a return.

eLuxury Supply Bamboo Sheet Set

The pockets on these sheets easily accommodate all mattress sizes - even those with foam mattress toppers. All of the corners fit our Tuft & Needle mattress perfectly.

Amazon offers eight different colors to chose from - mostly light colored. Dark color selections are limited. Unlike many of the brands we reviewed eLuxury supply offers their bamboo sheets in seven different sizes! This makes eLuxury Supply bamboo sheets a great choice for anyone who has a bed size other than queen, king or California king.


  • Money back guarentee
  • 8 Colors – all bed sizes
  • Complete set – no need to purchase pillow cases separately
  • Anti-static & great for allergies


  • Limited selection of darker colors

MALOUF Bamboo Sheet Set

Price Rating

Quality Rating

Overall Rating

MALOUF makes some of the best hypoallergenic sheets on the market - if you're suffering from night time allergies these are the sheets to get.

In addition to being hypoallergenic they are very good at helping you stay cool at night. Many users commented that they are a great set of sheets for those who have memory foam mattresses, which tend to be warmer at night than a traditional box spring mattress.

MALOUF Bamboo Sheets

The quality of the sheets can be seen in the stitching at the edges. Fine thread and attention to detail are specialities of the MALOUF bamboo bed sheets.

It's a bit unfortunate that the sheets aren't offered in more colors.  With only 6 colors to chose from it can be difficult to find the right color for your bedroom. However, this is made up for by the number of sizes available and the ability to order two different sized pillow cases. This is great if you're like us and you have both large a small pillow on your bed.


  • Nine different sizes
  • Two different size pillow cases
  • Easy to purchase additional pillow cases
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Only six colors to choose from

LINENSPA Ultra Soft Luxury Bamboo Sheets

Price Rating

Quality Rating

Overall Rating

We would like to point out that the LINENSPA Bamboo Bed Sheets marks the first of our 3 least expensive sets of sheets. These sheets can generally be had for less than $100 and are recommended for those looking to save a couple bucks while reading these bamboo sheet reviews.

Featuring an extra thick elastic band around the fitted sheet this specific set was the best when it came to not bunching up or slipping further down the mattress. It's a shame that some of the higher end sheet manufacturers don't offer the same as it really does help making and maintaining the bed easier.


One important thing to note is that these sheets are not 100% toxin free/organic. They are treated with formaldehyde during manufacturing. This really has little impact on the safety or quality of the sheets - but if you insist that your bamboo sheets be totally chemical free these may not work for you.

LINENSPA also offers the fewest number of color choices with only four - all very light and neutral. Unfortunately if you're looking for big, bold colors - these sheets are not for you.


  • Inexpensive – less than $100 for the set
  • Ships free with Amazon Prime
  • Satin finish keeps you extra cool at night
  • Fitted sheet stays in place incredibly well


  • Extremely limited color selection
  • Treated with formaldehyde

Resort Resources Bamboo Sheets

Price Rating

Quality Rating

Overall Rating

Resort resources makes a great quality bamboo sheet set for a very affordabble price. We bought ours on Amazon for less than $40 with free shipping.

Resort Resources Bamboo Sheets

For the price these are truly incredible sheets. They have a low thread count making them very light and airy. These are the least expensive true 100% bamboo sheets we tested. If you're looking to try a set of bamboo sheets without spending much - these are the sheets for you.

We were also really impressed with our free gift - a reusable bamboo bag that can be used to store the sheets or anything else you'd like to keep safe. It's not a super big deal but it was a very nice gesture and we use the bag all the time now.

Color selection is disappointing, consisting of only pure white, cream, dove gray and gray. We really wish they offered more colors but if you're looking to keep a simple theme in your bedroom they will work great.


  • Inexpensive – less than $50 for the set
  • 14 colors and 4 different sizes
  • Complete set – no need to purchase pillow cases separately
  • Wrinkle resistant sheets for immediate use after drying


  • Only four colors

Luxor Linens - Luxury Eco-Friendly Bamboo Sheets Review

Price Rating

Quality Rating

Overall Rating

The Luxor Linens Eco-Friendly Bamboo Sheets are the least expensive set of sheets we reviewed - but they also aren't 100% pure bamboo.

These sheets are made of a blend of bamboo (40%) and microfiber (60%). The set comes with 4 pieces so you don't have to buy pillow cases separately.

These sheets feature extra deep pockets so there should be no problem fitting them around any sized mattress - even the addition of a mattress topper will be no issue.

Luxor Linens

Some buyers have noted that they aren't exactly what they expected when looking for "hotel quality sheets". They did, however, conclude that for the price they paid compared to many other sheets they offered great value.

Fourteen different color options and four different size options means you'll have plenty of options to match your new bamboo sheets to your bedroom decor. We especially like the darker colors mixed with white for contrast.


  • Inexpensive – less than $50 for the set
  • 14 colors and 4 different sizes
  • Complete set – no need to purchase pillow cases separately
  • Wrinkle resistant sheets for immediate use after drying


  • Not 100% bamboo

In the End…

Clearly bamboo sheets are the ideal choice for someone looking for comfort, cleanliness and style. They are truly superior to all other fabrics – across the board. Thank you for taking the time to read our bamboo sheets review guide – hopefully it has helped you in some way. Need any more information? Feel free to reach out to us and ask us anything.

Lastly, are you interested in other bamboo products? Check out our bamboo pillow reviews, bamboo duvet reviews or our bamboo mattress reviews. Before you know it you’ll have a whole bedroom filled with wonderful bamboo products!


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