Daily Health Benefits of Sleeping without a Pillow

Benefits of Sleeping Without a PillowWhile sleeping with or without a pillow is often a matter of personal preference, there are some real benefits of sleeping without a pillow that cannot be overlooked. Research on natural sleeping postures that was conducted by one Michael Tetley found that forest dwellers and nomadic people who slept with natural postures without supporting or elevating their heads suffered reduced incidences of muscular and skeletal problems. This is compared to the average modern person who must use pillows, sometimes more than one, to fall asleep.

Many medical experts opine that reducing wrinkles among other unappealing facial features is the best reason to go pillowless, among the many benefits of sleeping without a pillow. This is especially true because your face does not get squished against the pillow. In fact, the American Academy of Dermatology contends that sleep lines emanating from resting your face on the pillow in the same manner every night will gradually develop into wrinkles. Such sleep lines ultimately become so deeply etched onto the surface of your skin that it gets impossible to get rid of them even when your head is no longer resting on the pillow.

Additional benefits of sleeping without a pillow apart from saving you money include avoiding neck aches. Pillowless sleeping allows better blood circulation around your neck region, which serves to eradicate pain in the area while preventing aches.

Health Benefits of Sleeping Without a Pillow

Thank you to the producers of this video who provide detailed answers to the question: Is sleeping without a pillow good? Also, it reveals that a pillow that is too high will cause muscle pain on your neck, shoulders, and back. According to it, making a transition to pillowless sleeping is not always easy but comes with numerous health benefits. This video is concurrent with previous research that reveals that adopting natural sleeping and resting postures will help you to avoid back pain and joint stiffness.

Moreover, pillowless sleeping is alleged to be the healthiest method of sleeping as it allows your spine to rest fully with the natural curves of your body. Sleeping with a thick pillow every night could cause displacement of your spine. Besides, a pillow can interfere with the quality of your sleep, especially when using the wrong one.

Is Sleeping without a Pillow Bad?

Sleeping without a pillow has received equal criticism and support from medics. The contentious issue being, is sleeping without a pillow good? Responding to this question, the director of the Stanford University Center for Human Sleep Research, Dr. Clete A. Kushida emphasizes the importance of using a pillow, especially if you have trouble getting asleep.

Further studies reveal that sleeping without a pillow increases the interocular pressure, which is considered risky for glaucoma patients. Moreover, you increase your chances of developing osteoarthritis of the neck by sleeping on your side without a pillow. Worse still, sleeping without a pillow could cause your cervical spine bends to curve, making your bones to push and rub against each other. Such friction could cause your bones to erode, creating the spurs that are often witnessed on cervical x-rays of patients. . If you are unsure about- is sleeping without a pillow good, note that it serves to raise your head while straightening your spine.

Most people buy pillows, especially because they help them with finding more comfortable sleeping positions. This is, especially true if you don’t like the feeling of your head resting flat on the mattress since a pillow will give you the much-needed support or your neck and shoulders, allowing them to remain at a straight, comfortable angle. Besides, if you sleep with your knees drawn together, a pillow between your knees will come in handy in reducing tension on your lower back for enhanced comfort.

It is incredible to see the rapid advancement of the pillow with new materials and shapes arising constantly, claiming to provide you with superior support than your old one. While few people are likely choose a pillow based on how best it can protect their ears from insects like in the ancient times, the undeniable fact is that the pillow has been an important component of human culture throughout history and continues to do so today.

It is, however, important that you invest in an appropriate type of pillow. There are different pillow styles and fillings for people with varying sleeping patterns, meaning that there isn’t one right alternative for everyone. Irrespective of your sleeping pattern, a great pillow is supposed to allow you to rest comfortably in your natural sleeping position while supporting your head and neck in a neutral alignment. That answers the issue of- is sleeping without a pillow bad?

How to Sleep Without a Pillow

If you are convinced about sleeping without a pillow, it is essential to adopt favorable position of sleeping without a pillow posture as illustrated below.

  • Use a folded towel in place of your pillow for a couple of weeks. This is effective if you start with the towel at a similar height of your current pillow and gradually unfold it until you can lie flat until you learn how to sleep without a pillow.
  • While reducing your pillow, ensure that your neck is appropriately aligned. As you lay on your back, check to ascertain that your chin is not pointing upwards. This will solve a substantial portion of your concerns regarding how to sleep without a pillow.
  • Ensure to do some physical exercises like stretches, which are, especially helpful for your neck and shoulders and sleeping without a pillow posture.

A Little Pillow History…

The concept of using a pillow to elevate and support one’s head while sleeping dates back nearly 9,000 years back in Mesopotamia when stones and blocks were used. The Ancient Chinese are also believed to have rested their heads on ceramic, wood, or stone pillows, while the Greeks elevated their heads on stones to prevent bugs from crawling into their noses, mouths, and ears. so, the concept of sleeping without a pillow is somewhat modern.

While the majority of these ancient forms of pillows sound rather unpleasant, they are suggestive of the undeniable fact that humans have always sought ways of raising their heads to sleep more comfortably, meaning that sleeping without a pillow was not there back then. However, there is a prevailing contentious issue about the necessity of using them while sleeping, with some individuals claiming sleeping without a pillow is better for them, while others need 2 or even 3 to catch a nap. It, therefore, begs the question, is sleeping without a pillow bad or good? This article provides an overview of benefits of sleeping without a pillow as well as the detriments of the same.


While there are numerous compelling reasons for and against pillowless sleeping, the majority of medics agree that it is more of a matter of personal preference. If you would rather sleep without a one for better night rest, go ahead. You must, however, adopt a favorable sleeping without a pillow posture position. On the other hand, if the quality of your sleep would be adversely the affected by the lack of a pillow, get one while ensuring to make your selection based on your sleeping position.


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